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Quiet Life Calmer™

Quiet Life Calmer™


Free Delivery Available World Wide

The Horse Calmer That Works

With over fifteen years of research into nervous horses, we formulated Quiet Life Calmer to help your horse relax, stay calm and focus when faced with situations they would typically find stressful or distracting.

Quiet Life Calmer Is Used For:

  • Horses that nap when they feel unsure what is ahead.
  • Horses that lack concentration and focus.
  • Horses that are dangerous to lead due to rearing or attempting to bolt from nerves or anxiety.

Why Quiet Life Calmer Has Such A High Success Rate Vs. The Competition

Quiet Life Calmer is L-Tryptophan based, not Magnesium based: Many horse calmers are crammed full of Magnesium because it is a cheap ingredient and weighs a lot, meaning they can sell the product in large quantities at a low price. Magnesium-based calmers look great at a glance for a bargain hunter. But not so great as an effective horse calmer.

Quiet Life Calmer is a daily use supplement: While researching existing horse calming products, we noticed that all the calmers sold at veterinarian practices are daily-use and powder-based, as opposed to cookies or shots; this is because the ingredients used in professional horse calmers are more effective when taken daily.

Unique Formula: Thanks to our small range of horse supplements and excellent customer feedback, we are in a prime situation to produce the best horse calmer possible.

Inside Each Packet

Each packet of Quiet Life Calmer™ contains 1100ml of powder (30 days of use for the average-size horse). To learn more, click the Directions tab above.

Try Quiet Life Calmer Today Risk-Free

We are so confident in the quality of Quiet Life Calmer™ that we cover it with our Risk-Free Returns policy, allowing you to purchase a packet and try out the product completely risk-free. 

If, for whatever reason, you are not entirely happy with Quiet Life Calmer within the first three weeks of use, return the remainder of your order, and we will refund your purchase in full. Visit our Risk-Free Returns page to learn more.

Subscribe And Save

For our regular customers, we offer a Quiet Life Calmer subscription service, allowing you to save money on your monthly usage.

To learn more about our subscription service click here.


Quiet Life Calmer™ contains a proprietary blend of the following ingredients, formulated at the perfect ratio for effective calming in any horse.


L-Tryptophan is the key ingredient in our calmer, an amino acid used by the body to make Serotonin, the chemical messenger known to reduce anxiety and stabilise mood.

Chelated Magnesium

Magnesium levels can change with the seasons, depending on the feed and quality of grass. Some horses are naturally deficient in Magnesium through poor intake of nutrients. Additionally, horses can have decreased Magnesium levels through excursion (stress from travelling, competing or strenuous work).

Horses with a magnesium deficiency are likely to have a poor tolerance to exercise, are quick to fatigue, display nervousness, and suffer a build of lactic acid leading to behavioural issues and muscle cramping.

Quiet Life Calmer uses a small amount of chelated Magnesium for better absorption.

Saccharomyces cerevisiae

Saccharomyces cerevisiae is a multi-functional ingredient which contains naturally occurring B vitamins. One of these is Thiamine, a B1 vitamin that corrects nerve impulses helping to calm highly strung horses and reducing flight risk.

Calcium Carbonate

Calcium carbonate is used in Quiet Life Calmer for its antacid properties, helping to soothe any pre-existing gastric issues that often cause pain to a horse when ridden.

If your horse has no history of gastric issues, do not worry, the calcium carbonate in Quiet Life Calmer helps reduce the chance of gastric ulcers.

Quiet Life Calmer™ Does not contain any FEI-banned substances, but you don't have to take our word for it. Search the ingredients listed above to check for yourself. Click here to open a new window containing the FEI Clean Sports database.

Ingredients Composition

Our supplements are produced through dedicated research into effectiveness and safety.

Because of the time, money and effort we invest at Equine Nutrition, we keep the exact ingredient ratio a trade secret, commonly known as a proprietary blend. However, we clearly state the complete list of the ingredients we use in each product and the purity of those ingredients where necessary.


Starting Quiet Life Calmer: When introducing your horse to any new supplement, it is always advised to begin with a small amount and then slowly increase the dosage until the desired effect is reached, this gives your horse a chance to adjust gently to the changes in its diet.

What To Expect When Starting: When starting Quiet Life Calmer with the low dosage, you may not notice a significant change on day one. By days four to six, with the gentle increase in dosage, you should find your horse is less jumpy, listens to you and seems more relaxed.

Introducing Quiet Life Calmer to your horse: Begin with 5ml to 10ml daily. Split this amount evenly in the horse's morning and evening feed. You can add this to the feed dry or with water.

An example of this for a mid to large-size horse would be to start with 10ml per day, adding 5ml in the morning and 5ml in the evening feed for the first 2 to 3 days. Then, increase the dosage in small increments until the desired effect is achieved.


Below we have listed guidelines for dosage based on the horse's weight. These guidelines are based on when the calmer effects should be seen.

100kg ~ 200kg: Around 20ml spread over the day: (10ml in the morning and 10ml in the evening feed).

200kg ~ 350kg: Around 30ml spread over the day: (15ml in the morning and 15ml in the evening feed).

350kg ~ 550kg: Around 50ml spread over the day: (25ml in the morning and 25ml in the evening feed).

550kg ~ 700kg: Around 70ml spread over the day: (35ml in the morning and 35ml in the evening feed).

700kg and larger: Up to 90ml spread over the day: (45ml in the morning and 45ml in the evening feed).

Adjusting The Dosage

Quiet Life Calmer is a very safe horse calmer to use, and the guidelines above are written very conservatively based on when the effect should be seen, not necessarily the maximum amount you can feed your horse.

Ideally, you want to use as little as possible to achieve the desired effect. This way, you use less calmer and have a little wiggle room for those extra stressful times in your horse's year.

That being said, we have a lot of users, especially with mid to larger-size horses who safely use more than the guideline amounts for their horse's weight. If you go slightly above the guidelines, always do so in small increments and take note of your horse's health. Remember, you're horse's stool should remain the same as it always has when taking this or any other feed supplement.

Risk Free Return

If this is your first time using Quiet Life Calmer and you are not seeing the desired results after the first 10 to 15 days of use, please get in touch with customer support, we may be able to help with dosage, plus we offer a risk-free return for all new customers.


My Horse Has Laminitis, Can I Use Quiet life Calmer?

Yes, Quiet Life Calmer is safe to use on horses that are prone to laminitis or currently suffering with laminitis.

Is Quiet Life Calmer™ Competition Safe?

Yes, see the ingrediants tab for more information.

Will This Stop My Mare Being Hormonal?

No, Quiet Life Calmer is designed specifically for nervous, anxious horses, it is not designed to effect the hormonal behaviour of mares in season.

Will This Product Make My Horse Drowsy?

No, Quiet Life Calmer is a non-drowsy product.

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